The Clinic

Zen is feel and go away in mind.

Life is like Zen, we feel it only.

Healing and Massage helps you and your real life.

I hope to help you to be well. 

I work and help for all client with honesty and friendly.

I help all client for their need.

I talk the best way for the clients.

I wish pain free in the world and work for it.

My clinic is at home in quiet area and free park on the road

15 min from Syndal Staton, Glen Waverley line.

I'll let you know my address when you book.

Please tell me at booking if you need pick up and drop off from station

My Philosophy

I had severe pain in the whole body for long time in childhood after knee injuries and took pain killers every day for stop my pains. 

Two Chiropractors helped me to release my pains that times. My life is change after release pain.

Now I keep pain free and enjoy my life.

It's time for you.

Thank yo